ACE – AUSTRIACARD’s Product Line for EMV Smart Cards

ACE is the name of AUSTRIACARD’s EMV smart card product line. EMV is a technical standard for smart cards and for payment terminals. The cards store their data on integrated circuits (chips) rather than on magnetic stripes. The acronym EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, the three companies which originally created the standard.

AUSTRIACARD’s ACE payment chip product portfolio fully complies with the EMV standard and provides a wide set of EMV functionalities. From native to Java Card product lines – AUSTRIACARD’s experts put together tailor-made and best-in-class solutions which an apply contact-based, contactless or dual interface technology.

ACE - EMV product line

ACE - AUSTRIACARD’s EMV product line

Native and open operating systems

The operating system is the heart of every smart card. ACOS, AUSTRIACARD’s native operating system, is available for contact-based, contactless and dual interface solutions. Our operating system forms a closed system and consequently offers extra security.

All open systems contained in the payment product range guarantee absolute independence. Standardized applications ensure international compatibility and leave ample space for all kinds of adaptations.

ACE 2000 product line

ACOS is the technological core of ACE 2000, the smart card standard product range. The entire ACE product family is implemented on different microcontrollers to fulfil all varieties of market needs on the highest level of customer satisfaction and ensure state-of-the-art product security.

ACE 2000 Advanced

ACE 2000 Advanced represents AUSTRIACARD’s smart card high-end product range. It comprises a set of mandatory and optional EMV credit/debit functions in accordance to both Visa and MasterCard specifications including Dynamic Data Authentication (DDA) support. Security of offline transactions – both contactless and contact-based – is enriched by Combined DDA and Generate Application Cryptogram (CDA) processing.

ACE 2000 Dual Interface

To find out more about our dual interface technology click here.

ACE AX product line

With ACE AX, AUSTRIACARD offers a large selection of Java Card™ products. ACE AX is based on independent, industry-wide specifications provided by Oracle and the GlobalPlatform consortium.

The platform is compliant with relevant ISO standards and EMVCo (the consortium which manages the standard) specifications. The open nature of ACE AX enables the card issuer to load applications from different vendors, all written according to the same set of specifications: Oracle’s Java Card specification and GlobalPlatform card specifications provide a powerful basis used across the industry for the design of smart card applications. These cards are interchangeable. ACE AX can replace almost any Java Card in existing infrastructures. By leveraging proven standards such as ISO/IEC 7816, Java Card or GlobalPlatform, the card is interoperable with a wide range of systems and tools on the market and already in operational use. This allows the seamless integration of ACE AX into existing card infrastructures.

Find more information in our AUSTRIACARD Payment Portfolio.

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