Dual Interface Cards

Increased speed and convenience with contactless technology

AUSTRIACARD is one of the 10 largest dual interface card producers in the world. Today, dual interface cards account for more than 90% of all contactless transactions. The contactless technology lets customers and retailers profit from reduced waiting times in queues as well as safe and quicker payment.

Multiple applications on dual interface cards

Another advantage of dual interface cards is that they can contain different functionalities such as payment, transit, access control, or loyalty schemes.

Dual interface cards

AUSTRIACARD is among the world’s top 10 dual interface card producers

ACE 2000 Dual Interface

ACE 2000 Dual Interface stands for AUSTRIACARD’s EMV-compliant dual interface smart card product range. Based on the company’s own operating system, ACE 2000 Dual Interface supports contactless payment transactions and comprises a set of mandatory and optional EMV functions in accordance with both MasterCard and Visa specifications. AUSTRIACARD’s products offer fast transaction times while ensuring the highest security levels.

The security of offline transactions – both contactless and contact-based – is enriched by Combined DDA and Generate Application Cryptogram (CDA) processing.

Find more information in our AUSTRIACARD Payment Portfolio.

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