AUSTRIACARD’s Payment Solutions

The most renowned companies in the payment sector trust AUSTRIACARD’s expertise and experience and appreciate the company’s extensive range of services. Living up to the highest EMV standards, AUSTRIACARD is certified by, among others, VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, and JCB.

AUSTRIACARD’s payment solutions portfolio consists of a comprehensive set of products and services addressing all aspects of the production, management, personalization and implementation of contact-based and contactless payment (dual-interface) cards, as well as mobile payment solutions.

Decades of cutting-edge payment solutions

AUSTRIACARD has decades of experience providing cutting-edge payment solutions

Payment solutions tailored to your needs

Issuing payment cards is a complex process. It requires in particular a well-matched synchronization of hardware and software elements a sophisticated operating system and respective applications as well as a data generation system and personalization solutions.

AUSTRIACARD guarantees that whatever the company provides its clients with is based on their particular needs and is in their best interest. In order to come up with tailor-made solutions, Austria card’s experts first analyze the specific situation and the requirements of the payment project and then develop the ideal solution in partnership with the client.

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