AUSTRIACARD – our vision, mission and strategy


The secure sourcing, managing, hosting and distribution of sensitive information have always been a critical factor in business and politics, and protecting privacy has been a major concern throughout society. In an increasingly digital and mobile world, AUSTRIACARD aims to be a key enabler and trusted long-term partner by offering cutting-edge products and services in the areas of Digital Security and Information Management.


AUSTRIACARD provides public and private sector companies with custom-made solutions which help them manage and disseminate highly-sensitive data securely and cost-efficiently. Our teams work passionately to provide customers with products and services tailored to their specific needs employing state-of-the-art encryption technology and exceptional service – all of which have been part of the Group’s DNA for more than 100 years. Consequently, AUSTRIACARD is well placed to continue to grow sustainably in both existing and new markets.


On the basis of its customer-centric approach, the Group’s key strategic goal is to further enhance its position as a leading provider of secure data solutions in the Digital Security and the Information Management segments.

AUSTRIACARD’s strategy is based of four pillars:

  • Continued focus on operational excellence
  • Development of new products and services both in-house and in cooperation with trusted partners
  • Optimize market share in existing markets and enter promising new markets
  • Acquire suitable complementary businesses or technologies