Integrated Services Offered by Inform

Campaign Management

Inform conducts campaigns through a variety of communication channels such as Direct mail, e-mail, sms, internet and social media covering the entire promo needs of the clients.

Card Fulfillment

These services integrates the printing of cards, card carriers, related brochures and envelopes, the personalization and matching of cards and card carriers, the classification of envelopes by postal rules and shipment to the final consumer. We provide fulfillment services for credit and debit cards, prepaid cards, SIM cards and loyalty cards.

E-Document Services

Inform offers the creation of electronic files (e.g. static PDF or dynamic HTML files) containing personalized data as well as their delivery or storage in a secure repository system according to client’s needs. In each case, e-document applications can either be hosted on the Inform’s premises, or they can be delivered to the customers’ premises as stand-alone software programs.

Forms Management/E-Procurement Services

Inform offers the complete outsourcing of printed material through an e-platform with an integrated purchase management software and back office services. The service covers the life cycle of the forms from the production of paper materials to their delivery to end users. We have appropriate logistics procedures, special storage areas, high-security control for specific materials as well as a user-friendly and efficient digital e-platform environment. Through the e-platform the user can place an order and trace it until shipment and invoicing.

E-Mail Analytics

An interactive web application allows our clients to monitor the delivery status of any e-mail campaign as well as the behavior and interaction of the end recipients. Access to the application is granted over an HTTPS connection. Additionally, the user may choose to export customized reports in XLS/TXT format based on predefined criteria such as the number of e-mails that were not delivered per campaign or the campaign element in the e-mail body with the most hits.

Email Analytics

Our e-mail analytics give you access to all statistics that matter to your campaign

Cloud Printing

Inform has developed an online application that allows customers to take advantage of our printing infrastructure for their daily correspondence as well as direct mail projects. The software can be customized to each client’s needs. It allows to either upload a static document or to compose a direct mail from scratch with dynamic elements using a user-friendly online interface. Upon completion of the content, the customer is able to select the distribution channel (paper, e-mail, text message, fax) and submit the request for further internal processing.

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