Outsourcing Solutions by Inform

Data Entry and Forms Processing

Inform supports companies and governments across the whole data processing life cycle, such as:

  • Data collection and classification
  • Verification, coding and storing
  • Export formatted data output
  • Services include:

  • Data entry [design of the application forms, manual and/or automated data entry]
  • Data base creation & design
  • Data cleansing [compliance with the Data Protection Act, data records and household deduplication, data quality inspection (rejection reporting)]
  • Data standardization [address verification and correction across postal data]
  • Data base maintenance [data enrichment, hosting, and internet accessibility]

Data Management

We provide a complete series of customized software solutions capable of:

  • Transactional full-color or black and white printing
  • Combining color layout design and variable data imposition
  • Data file reverse engineering [encoding CRM-driven campaigns for customer-defined marketing segments:
Picture of a server room in a data center

Inform manages your data and keeps your business running

Business Continuity

Inform provides solutions that ensure the continuous production and shipment of documents, even when the clients’ systems are down. Our production units in strategically chosen locations and our back-up services enable the quick recovery of lost data and offer an alternative access to data, which would otherwise be irretrievable. For many organizations it is critical that documents such as invoices, contracts, reports and bank statements are processed irrespective of human error, force majeure and attacks.

Scanning and Archiving

Inform supports customers in their efforts to scan and archive their physical documents of any format. The service can be provided either at our premises or at the customers'. The documents are indexed for easier retrieval and may optionally be time stamped and digitally signed for integrity purposes. The retrieval of the digital copy may take place via an online or an SFTP interface.

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