The history of the Group dates back to 1897. The following timeline shows the most important milestones since then. Take a look and browse through our history!

  • 1897

    Foundation of Lykos as artistic print house in Athens
  • 1932

    Lykos becomes a pioneer by utilizing electricity for the operation of printing machinery
  • 1966

    Start of the production of computer paper
  • 1981

    Foundation of AUSTRIACARD
  • 1982

    Strategic repositioning of Lykos´ printing operations towards IT (name change to Inform P. Lykos)
  • 1993

    Production of the first chip cards
  • 2000

    Inform P. Lykos sets up Inform Romania as new production hub in CEE
  • 2007

    Inform acquires 85% in Vienna-based smart card company AUSTRIACARD GmbH (remaining 15% acquired in 2011)
  • 2012

    Establishment of new card personalization center in Poland
  • 2013

    Acquisition of major personalization center in Turkey from Mastercard
  • 2014

    New smart card production site in Romania (VISA, Mastercard approved)
  • 2014

    New headquarters and central R&D hub in Vienna
  • 2015

    Commercial launch of Austria´s mobile debit card solution (platform run by AUSTRIACARD)