AUSTRIACARD Worldwide First to Certify FIDO on EMV Payment Cards
25. July 2016
AUSTRIACARD receives PCI DSS certification
7. May 2019
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AUSTRIACARD Global First to Certify MasterCard Product with FIDO Authentication

Vienna, April 2017 – Using your banking card to secure your Gmail or Facebook account is no futuristic idea any more. AUSTRIACARD became the first company globally to offer fully-fledged, multi-application smart cards, supporting the newest MasterCard MChip Advance and FIDO U2F on ONE dual interface token. FIDO is a new authentication standard that uses a second factor to authenticate the user and to counter password theft. AUSTRIACARD already was the first company with a FIDO U2F certified NFC-smart card on the market, but with the recent MasterCard approval it can now offer the FIDO-functionality onto the card’s chip together with a payment application. So from now on, banks can choose to equip their cards with this additional capability and offer a real added value to their customers. FIDO helps them secure access to webmail-, social media-, or even banking-apps in the most convenient way. All the user has to do is tap his card on any NFC reader (e.g. NFC enabled smart phone) when logging in. With a FIDO-secured account, not even the most severe password breach will expose private data.p>

Bernd Eder, Head of R&D at AUSTRIACARD, explains: “We are pioneers in the NFC-based FIDO-authentication. For us it was always clear that in the face of exploding mobile phone usage, USB-only authentication cannot be the answer. And what device is better suited as a contactless FIDO-token, then the omnipresent payment card. But the user is not the only beneficiary. The visibility of the bank’s logo will increase exponentially. Just think about how often you type in passwords on your phone or tablet. Imagine seeing your bank’s logo that often. Every day.”

But it doesn’t have to be the classic PVC-card. AUSTRIACARD’s FIDO® certified products include not only contactless and dual interface-cards, but also NFC-based key fobs, stickers, and bracelets. The banks’ end-customers can pay and authenticate themselves however they prefer.


AUSTRIACARD is the partner of choice for payment, government, enterprise, retail and public transport organizations in need of the most sophisticated and secure smart cards and digital security solutions. The company designs, produces, and personalizes payment cards, ID cards, access/transport-related cards, as well as loyalty cards, and offers innovative mobile payment solutions as a certified trusted service management provider.

AUSTRIACARD is part of the AUSTRIACARD AG. It also comprises Inform, the regional leader in the information management and document processing business, founded in Athens in 1897.

About the FIDO Alliance

In order to reduce sole reliance on passwords, the FIDO-Alliance members share technology and collaborate to develop open specifications for universally strong authentication. The goal is to create authentication methods which are interoperable, more secure and private, and easier to use – giving the possibility to cover as many services as possible with a single device. Since its launch in 2013, the FIDO-Alliance has grown beyond 200 companies and government agencies.

You can find further information about the FIDO®-technology under here.